I got twitter!

I am avoiding all uni work!

I am avoiding all uni work by getting twitter!


My current mood.

My current mood.

Probably my favourite photo of Christina Stead.

Probably my favourite photo of Christina Stead.


People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.

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Sometimes I feel like nights can be summed up by the things that I have collected- random props from parties, stamps from clubs, glitter attacks from friends, dinosaur tattoos. Little mementos from the night. Other times I feel like nights can be summed with a song.

This song sums up last Friday night.


Dear Jimmy,

Are you a cat person? I’m a cat person. My mum is a cat person. Actually, she is on the verge of being a cat lady but don’t tell her that I called her a crazy cat lady.

We have never bought a cat. Nor have we ever gone out of a way to acquire a cat. They find us. For example, when I was seven we found a pregnant cat in our backyard. Friend’s of ours took the cat in and they ended up giving me a ginger kitten that I called Luna. Yep. Ginger cat named after the moon. Well actually, seven year old me named her after Sailor Moon’s cat. Who was purple in the show.

Luna is still alive at mum’s house. She kind of prefers mum’s company to mine because in her eyes I abandoned her for university. Understandable. Along with Luna there are a few other cats.

Jules. I found Jules underneath our house the day before I left for university. Mum decided to keep her. She also decided that she wasn’t going to rush getting Jules desexed. Cue a litter of kittens. 

And just as Mum was considering get her desexed CUE ANOTHER LITTER OF KITTENS. Mum managed to find good homes for some of them. She then decided to keep a few others. Let’s see there is Saffron, Felix, Nyx and Pooka. Along with mother Jules and “Aunty” Luna that makes six cats. Which, by any sane person’s judgement, is a lot of cats. Note: Mum is sane I swear and the house does not smell of cat pee.

Anyway, whenever I visit, the cats kind of stay away. In their eyes I am a stranger. By about day two they’ll be inside when I’m there, by day four they’ll be on my lap. And then I leave, come back a few months later and have to start the whole process all over again.

Last time I was down this happened on my last night. It was cold and raining. I woke up about 4 am and rolled over to find a cat on my bed. Still slightly sleepy, I patted which ever cat was on my bed.

The thing was, it wasn’t one of mum’s cats. The neighbours had gone away for the weekend and their cat got out of the house and obviously sought shelter. Mum had complied and let the cat in. As a result, I had an almost stray cat sleeping on my bed. 

An almost stray cat likes me more than mum’s cats do. 

Anyway, I thought you would like the story.


Olive Schreiner (24 March 1855 – 11 December 1920) was a South African authoranti-war campaigner and intellectual. She is best remembered today for her novel The Story of an African Farm which has been highly acclaimed ever since its first publication in 1883 for the bold manner in which it dealt with some of the burning issues of the day, including agnosticism, existential independence, individualism and the professional aspirations of women; as well as its portrayal of the elemental nature of life on the colonial frontier. In more recent studies she has also been foregrounded as an apologist for those sidelined by the forces of British Imperialism, such as the Afrikaners, and later other South African groups like Blacks, Jews and Indians - to name but a few. Although she showed interest in socialism, pacifism, vegetarianism and feminism amongst other things, her true views escape restrictive categorisations. Her published works and other surviving writings promote implicit values like moderation, friendship and understanding amongst all peoples, avoiding the pitfalls of political radicalism which she consciously eschewed.

The Aunt’s Story begins with a paratext that quotes Olive Schreiner:

"She thought of the narrowness of the limits within which a human soul may speak and be understood by its nearest of mental kin, of how soon it reaches that solitary land of the individual experience, in which no fellow footfall is ever heard."

So I googled her and came across this interesting biography. It’s still classified as study. Sort of.

Advice from various sources.

Supervisor: you need to work harder.

"Thinking Matters" by Nikolaus Gansterer: Thinking matters.

My housemate: Just take your time. 

A friend: don’t worry too much.

Mum: be happy. Also find out when you graduate so I can book a motel.